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Aoi Shino - Japanese Handjobs -

Aoi Shino - Japanese Handjobs -

Aoi Shino - Japanese Handjobs -

Sometime last year Japanese mega AV Idol Megumi Shino retired. I guess after she got bored and not getting enough cock in her life Megumi came back, re-born as Aoi Shino. Beautiful Aoi has been a busy JAV Idol since her return and has become a favorite at TekokiJapan. Aoi knows her way around a dick and loves to to taunt and jerk off a guy’s cock to give him an orgasm and Aoi a cumshot. Aoi loves cum. Can you tell from her new video?


Amateur Handjob Girl Rena Tries Her Hands in New Tekoki Video

Japanese teen amateur Rena - Japanese handjobs videos -

New girl Rena tries her hand at giving a big cock a handjob. Rena is new but her love for cock is old and making this guy cum is on her to do list.

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Japanese teen amateur Rena - Japanese handjobs videos - TekokiJapan.comRena is a very focused newbie to handjobs. Rena licks and kisses and strokes his growing cock until he is rock hard. Then, its just a matter of time before Rena’s hard working little hands make that sperm shoot right out of his nuts, through his dick and into her hands and onto her sweet little Japanese face. Watch her video clip now. Its FREE.

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18 yo Japanese Handjob Girl Chiemi Yada’s First Tekoki Video

Japanese handjob Gurl Chiemi Yada -

Meet Chiemi. She is a fresh Japanese teen who just turned 18 and is on her own for the first time in Tokyo. We met her at a sushi bar in Ikebukuro when we were munching on some yellow tail and spotted this hot little yellow tail sitting all by her lonesome. Chiemi’s friends never showed up so we invited her to play a game. Bored, Chiemi quickly said yes.

Japanese handjob Gurl Chiemi Yada -

We had a space rented nearby and asked her how she felt about the firmness of Japanese cucumbers. We were doing some tests and wanted her opinion.

Japanese handjob Gurl Chiemi Yada -

Once in the room our actor sat in a chair with a towel covering his lap. We told Chiemi we placed two cucumbers (BTW, Japanese cucumbers are long and slender and very hard.) in his lap and wanted her opinion as to which had more firmness and girth. Chiemi was pretty suspicious so we threw in some yen and a shopping spree and soon her clothes were off and she was ready to test.

Japanese handjob Gurl Chiemi Yada -

After some groping, one cucumber mysteriously started to grow. After some hesitation we convinced Chiemi to remove the towel and see how her work was progressing. At this point her pussy was dripping with teen honey and she was ready to drink some Ikebukuro man-milk. Pump, Pump and Pump Away, Chiemi!!! Ganbatte!


Cute teen uses two hands to make his dick cum from hard handjob pumping action

Japanese handjobs - Mizuho Ariumi - TekokiJapan.comMizuho is a serious girl. Well, a serious handjob slut and Mizuho is damn good at it. Mizuho uses her young and slender body toned by working at her college’s gym and lap after lap swimming in the pool strengthening her arms into the finely tuned tekoki pistons they are. Mizuho is a beautiful girl and can make you hard with a smile. But her hands…her hands can make you cum with just a few minutes stroking and squeezing as her little mouth kisses the head of your cock, licking the piss slit, urging the cum to burst forth into her hands and her tiny Japanese mouth.

Japanese handjobs - Mizuho Ariumi -

Watch Japanese girl Mizuho Ariumi use two hands to make him power squirt hot cum all over her slender teen body.

Watch Mizuho in 1080p HD action as this sweet and not so innocent handjob girl squeezes the jizz right out of his nuts and into her waiting tekoki loving hands.

Handjob girl Miyuki Fukatsu born to please cock and drink cum

Japanese handjobs - Miyuki Fukatsu -

Miyuki is a friend of cocks. Miyuki loves to suck them and fuck them and wrap her little Japanese hands around them and tekoki the cum right out of their balls. Miyuki is a good Japanese girl. Almost as soon Miyuki’s hand wrapped around his dick her butterfly tongue popped out of her mouth and began to flick over the head of his glans. Flicks turned to licks and gentle sucks as Miyuki’s hands worked more feverishly to bring his cock to full hard-on and to relieve him of his cum. Miyuki loves to drink cum. See Miyuki in 1080p HD when you watch her clip and create your account.

Japanese handjobs - Miyuki Fukatsu -

Shino Aoi and Natsuki Yokoyama’s hot double handjob video is up

Cute Japanese Girls Stroking Hard Cocks

natsuki yokoyama, aoi shino - handjobjapan - tekokijapan.comNatsuki Yokoyama and Aoi Shino are unashamedly bi-sexual. One might say they are total yuri except they both love cock as well. Natsuki and Aoi work well together so they have been brought back for a brand new HandjobJapan video. Filmed in luxurious 1080p in Tokyo Natsuki and Aoi feverishly work their little hands and sometimes their little tongues all over this dick. Soon enough the guy grows rock hard and after some high speed hand tekoki action he unloads his hot cum all over these girls.


Cutey tanned Miku Oguri wraps her fingers around your big throbbing cock

Miku Oguri - Japanese handjobs - HandJobJapan -

Miku Oguri Cutey tanned Miku wraps her fingers tight around your throbbing cock

Miku Oguri - Japanese handjobs - HandJobJapan -

Miku begins by licking his cock through the cloth. Teasing can be torture with the right tongue action.

Miku Oguri - Japanese handjobs - HandJobJapan -

Miku is amazed at how big the foreigner’s cock is. It’s a good thing this is a handjob video and not a fuck video. Or is it? Miku will find out later.

Miku Oguri - Japanese handjobs - HandJobJapan -

Satisfied with her “handy work” Miku licks the prize of her hard earned efforts to separate the gaijin from his cum. Miku thinks his cum tastes sweet and wants to drink more. More handjobs, more drinking, Miku-chan.