Runaway Girl 堀口真希 Fucks For Rent, Pink Champagne Vol.22: Maki Horiguchi Pink-022

Japanese blowjobs

Pink Champagne Vol.22: Maki Horiguchi

Maki Horiguchi
Length: 120 min
Release Date: 2/01/2018
Studio: Pink Champagne 
Media: DVD

1) Runaway Girl Part 1
1) Runaway Girl Part 2

Restraint play, blowjob, handjob, masturbation, toy sex, bareback sex, creampie

タイトル: 変態行為を断れない家出っ娘
主演女優: 堀口真希
スタジオ: ピンク シャンパン

Pink Champagne Vol.22: Maki Horiguchi Pink-022 with 堀口真希 is a creepy otaku guy’s dream. In Japan kids run away from home like everywhere else. Sometimes, the kids go to Internet cafes and hop on BBS sites that are made for runaways. Connecting points, tips, safe places and sometimes a place where older guys meet younger girls, teen, and in this case Maki Horiguchi where the older adults will offer places to stay, food to eat, a warm bed and shelter from the elements in exchange for body services rendered. This is an interesting Japanese porn AV spin on a fantasy many lonely otaku guys have in Japan. Fortunately most cannot talk to girls very well and having their own living spaces invaded by a strange girl would be too much for them to handle. So, we have this JAV porn DVD to satisfy their fantasies and ours for watching hot Japanese girls sucking cock and fucking. All uncensored and available on region free DVD. Get inside Maki Horiguchi now. This is definitely a Jerk Off Alert release at Kabukicho-Girls.