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Big Tits on a Tiny Body – Meet Japanese Tekoki Queen Rion Karina

Japanese amateur handjob girl, Rion Karina

Rion Karina has some unusually big tots for a Japanese girl. Forget she is tiny and beautiful…Haha, just try.  She is super sweet and very pretty and has a craving for milk.  By the size of her tits you can see where the craving comes from.

Japanese amateur handjob girl, Rion Karina

Now that Rion is all grown up she has a new craving.  A craving for man milk.  Man milk that covers her hand when she gives a hard tekoki.  Man milk she received in her mouth and pussy.  We love Rion and you will too when you get your pass for HandJobJapan.com


Japanese Teen Amateur gets a Handjob Bukkake to Her School Clothes

Handjob Schoolgirl Skirt Bukkake Kanna Matsuzaki

Schoolgirl Kanna Matsuzaki jacks off several guys while kissing them until each one cums onto her schoolgirl uniform skirt. This is getting to be quite the popular activity in Japanese schools these days.  The teacher takes a student off to be punished by the principal and the rest of the class gets free jack offs by one or more of the girls.  Good times.





Super Sukebe Schoolgirl Reika Yamada – Round 2 Tekoki in the Classroom


Schoolgirl Reika is back for more tekoki action in the classroom.  Follow the link to her video clip.  She is aching for it.  She wants to suck it but her master forces her to use hands only for his big cum shot.  Reika is a horny little freak.


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Reika Yamada Has the Magic Touch at TekokiJapan

HandJobJapan - TekokiJapan.com

Watch sweet Reika tease and pleasure her big cock lover.  Reika slinks around the classroom in a tight Japanese schoolgirl’s bathing suite, teasing and taunting her man, making him as horny as hell.  On her knees she slowly makes her way to his feet and his huge limp cock that she will soon help to grow.

TekokiQueen - Reika Yamada - TekokiJapan.com

Reika lovingly embraces the monster dick with both hands.  She gets him super hard pretty quick, all the while leaving her mouth close to the tip in case he shoots his thick load of sperm, Reika’s mouth will be there to catch it.  This horny Japanese girl does not want to miss a drop.



Miura Akina Gives a Firm But Gentle Tekoki Rub for a Big Cum Load


Schoolgirl Cosplayer Miura was fascinated by the size of the American cock she was supposed to give tekoki to.  Tekoki is the Japanese word for hand job.  Miura has given her boyfriends a tekoki when she is too drunk to fuck them but never had to try and wrap her hands around such a big tool.  She needed to use both hands.  No problem.


Click on a pic or click here to see Miura struggle to wrap her tiny little Japanese hands around his thick tool.  She greedily licks his cock as the pre-cum begins to flow and watches in amazement as the jizz just flows like a geyser when she has squeezed and tugged hard enough to make the gaijin cum.