Shinjuku tekoki girl

Aya Kisaki Talks Dirty While Stroking His Big Cock

After a night in Shinjuku with her new gaijin boyfriend Aya is ready for some fun. Aya didn’t even take off her party dress before she pushed him back on the bed and started stroking his cock through his boxers. Aya loves this guy’s cock. It’s big and firm and he can stay hard forever while she gets off.

AV idol Aya Kisaki - TekokiJapan.comTonight, Round 1 is the tekoki match. Who will last longer, Aya’s BF or Aya’s slender Japanese arms and hands? It will be a battle for sure and we get to watch.

AV idol Aya Kisaki - TekokiJapan.comAs soon as Aya starts stroking his growing cock, she pulls out her own secret weapon. Aya likes to talk dirty with her lovers when they’re making it. The guy’s weakness…being talked dirty to.

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